How to Style a Cardigan: 5 Stylish Outfit Tips

The cardigan is an essential piece of clothing for any woman’s wardrobe. This versatile article of clothing can be worn in any season and has remained a trendy topic for decades. If you’re struggling with how to style a cardigan, then look no further. Here are five stylish outfit tips for styling a cardigan. 

Over the Shoulder Cardigan 

A cardigan worn over the shoulder can be the perfect style to transition from summer to fall or winter to spring. Simply tie or loosely knot the arms of a cardigan around your neck, and you're ready to go. This style is naturally preppy but can be made more casual when paired with a basic white t-shirt and jeans. Yet, if you'd like to elevate the appearance of an over-the-shoulder cardigan, then try pairing it with a sundress or blouse and skirt combination.

Cropped Cardigan

You can join in the latest nineties trends by choosing a cropped cardigan. Whether it's buttoned, tied, or even safety pinned, cropped cardigans are all the rage. This style showcases the cardigan, so either it wears a light layer or nothing underneath. For an elegantly casual nineties fashion look, you can pair the cropped cardigan with high-waisted mom jeans and a statement belt. However, for a nineties grunge look, pair the cropped cardigan with distressed, baggy jeans and chunky, square-toe black boots. 

French Tucked Cardigan 

The French tuck style is currently a brilliant way to tuck a shirt. To use the French tuck, you merely tuck the front end of a top in but leave the sides and back of the top loose. The French tuck is a flawless style for a cardigan. You can utilize the French tuck style on a cardigan with black jeans for a relaxed appearance or dress up with a maxi skirt. To find great cardigans for the French tuck style, be sure to shop through wholesale cardigans

Longline Cardigan

A longline cardigan is a fantastic option for fall fashion. Longline cardigans can make a beautiful statement and add some additional warmth to an outfit. To fully embrace a fall ensemble, pair tall boots or booties with a warm-toned brown, orange, red, or yellow longline cardigan. By shopping through wholesale cardigan sweaters, you'll be sure to find a long-line cardigan sweater for any and every style. 

Classic Buttoned Cardigan  

For a truly classic style, you can choose to wear a fully buttoned cardigan. This styling will give you a sophisticated, timeless appearance that's ideal for the office. A buttoned cardigan style is an excellent match for business casual slacks or pencil skirts. You can also style a buttoned cardigan with a short-sleeved dress during the work day, then remove the cardigan for a night out.

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