Shapewear for All Body Types: Flatter Your Tummy and Feel Confident

At Feelingirl, we appreciate that every body type is gorgeous, and women should feel firm and attractive. Shapewear is no longer worn under clothing as a gimmick but instead has become a statement piece designed to accentuate the human body. Our mission is to offer shapewear for every figure type and help you look slim and feel comfortable with your tummy every day.

Understanding Different Body Types

You must understand your body type so that you wear the correct shapewear. 

  • Apple Shape: This body type usually has a large abdomen and not much definition between the hips and the waist. Daily wear or putting on high-waisted briefs or have best shapewear for tummy control panels are measures that can make you appear to have a more defined waistline.
  • Pear Shape: For example, wider hip and thighs than the upper part of the body; select garments that will accentuate the waist and conceal the lower abdomen and hips areas. Females are advised to wear bodysuits and short with high waistlines.
  • Hourglass Shape: Proportions in which a distinct waistline will be represented. Opt for shapewear that accentuates your body features, like waist cinchers and bodysuits that give general support.
  • Rectangle Shape: This was a more athletic build with very few curves. Choose clothes that enhance the curves and cinch the waist, such as shaping camas and waist trainers.
  • Inverted Triangle Shape: Greater width of the shoulders and bust with lesser width of the hips. Wearing shapewear that encompasses both the upper and lower part of the body, such as high-waist shorts and shaping briefs, helps to achieve a better-balanced figure.

Choosing the Right Shapewear

When selecting shapewear, consider the following factors:

  • Compression Level: There are differing compression levels, which mean that the cushioning is also of different levels. Light compression is preseason wear if you require casual wear and easy mobility, while firm compression is used on occasions that call for special occasion wear with restricted mobility.
  • Target Areas: Determine which parts of the buttocks you want to create and define and which areas you need to fill in or slim down. Tummy flattening seamless bodysuit shorts is designed to address the tummy area, and in the same way, thigh crops are designed to shape and control the thighs and hips. Full-body shapers combine all the above elements to give a general smoothing appearance of the body.
  • Fabric and Construction: Seek slimming, soft fabrics; avoid tightness, but ensure the fabric is stretchable and supportive. Sewn lines and fabric construction should augment comfort and exclude rolling or digging into the skin on affected zones.


Shapewear is not only essential to what is worn but also plays the role of a tool that helps in giving one confidence. Here at Feelingirl, we believe that you are as beautiful as you are regardless of the size of your body, and for this reason, we want to help you feel the best you are. Head to feelingirl bodysuit collection now and learn how to deal with your tummy troubles and slay in any look you prefer. Feelingirl shapewear thus comes in to help you embrace your curves and accentuate all the right areas as you enjoy the sportswear you deserve.

Blushes da Wordmakeup/ Wordmakeup blushes

Uma maquiagem com o toque de levemente corada, um rosinha natural, faz toda diferença. O responsável por isso é blush. Existem diversas cores de blush: Rosa, vermelho, pêssego. A escolha da cor, do tom, acabamento (matte, brilhosos) e formato (em pó, bastão, líquido) depende muito do seu gosto. Eu, particularmente, gosto muito de blush em pó nos tons de rosa e terrosos com acabamento brilhosos (brilhos bem leves). Caso você goste de blush com acabamento brilhoso e só tenha blush matte, a minha dica é misturar o blush com um pouco de iluminador, dá o mesmo resultado.

Makeup with a touch of light blush, a natural pink, makes all the difference. The person responsible for this is blush. There are different colors of blush: Pink, red, peach. The choice of color, tone, finish (matte, glossy) and format (powder, stick, liquid) largely depends on your taste. I personally really like powder blush in pink and earthy tones with a glossy finish (very light shimmers). If you like blush with a shiny finish and only have matte blush, my tip is to mix the blush with a little highlighter, it gives the same result.

Selecionei 4 modelos de blush em pó que são a minha cara. Como vocês podem ver abaixo, todos os blushes possuem cores diferentes e um desses blush é uma paleta com diversas possibilidades. Todos desses são da Wordmakeup, uma loja virtual que vende cosméticos em atacado (blushes, iluminadores, bases, corretivos, pó solto, paletas de maquiagem e muito mais) para o mundo todo.

I selected 4 models of powder blush that are my style. As you can see below, all blushes have different colors and one of these blushes is a palette with different possibilities. All of these are from Wordmakeup, an online store that sells wholesale cosmetics (blushes, highlighters, foundations, concealers, loose powder, makeup palettes and much more) all over the world.

O que mais gosto desse site é que você encontra tudo que precisa para montar o seu kit de maquiagem, desde o kit básico até o kit para maquiagem profissional com os produtos das melhores marcas com os melhores preços. Passa já no site e confira.

What I like most about this site is that you can find everything you need to put together your makeup kit, from the basic kit to the professional makeup kit with products from the best brands at the best prices. Go to the website and check it out.

Agora me conta, qual desses blushes gostaria de ter? Um beijo e até a próxima.

Now tell me, which of these blushes would you like to have? A kiss and until next time.

Bases da Wordmakeup/ Foundation of Wordmakeup

Um dos meus itens favoritos da maquiagem é a base. Ela é capaz de uniformizar o tom pele, cobrir mechas e espinhas, dar um glow e realçar os detalhes do rosto. Existem diversos tipos de base: líquida, cremosa, em pó. Aos poucos você vai saber diferenciar a cada uma delas.

One of my favorite makeup items is foundation. It is able to even out skin tone, cover highlights and pimples, give a glow and highlight the details of the face. There are different types of foundation: liquid, creamy, powder. Little by little you will know how to differentiate each one of them.

Nas imagens abaixo, trouxe duas bases líquidas que são as minhas favoritas ( Pro Longwaer da Mac e Born This Way da Too Faced). Elas possuem alta cobertura, super acabamento. Ideal para festas e eventos que pedem uma maquiagem mais pesada.

In the images below, I have two liquid foundations that are my favorites (Pro Longwaer by Mac and Born This Way by Too Faced). They have high coverage, super finish. Ideal for parties and events that require heavier makeup.

Também trouxe duas opções de bases em pó ( Mac Studio Fix e a Make up Forever HD Skin matte). Elas são ótimas para retoque de maquiagem, tirar o brilho, consegue esconder as manchas, igualar textura. Mas são mais leves do que a maquiagem líquida.

I also brought two options for powder foundations (Mac Studio Fix and Make up Forever HD Skin matte). They are great for touching up makeup, removing shine, hiding blemishes and evening out texture. But they are lighter than liquid makeup.

Todos esses produtos, possuem uma grande variação de cores, custam uma média de 10 a 30 dólares e você encontra na Wordmakeup. Uma loja virtual especializadas em comércios por atacado de produtos de maquiagem que vende as melhores marcas do mercado com ótimos preços. Eles vendem pro mundo todo e aceitam PayPal.

All of these products have a wide range of colors, cost an average of 10 to 30 dollars and can be found at Wordmakeup. An online store specializing in wholesale cosmetics that sells the best brands on the market at great prices. They sell all over the world and accept PayPal.

Já testou alguma dessas bases? Me conta nos comentários.

Have you tried any of these foundations? Tell me in the comments.

Vestidos de formatura preto da Ovlias / Ovlias black prom dresses

Se você é uma apaixonada por preto como eu, talvez esteja pensando em usar preto na sua formatura. E eu sei que muita gente fala que vestido preto é básico. Mas na minha opinião, vestido preto não é nada básico. É chic, é clássico, é sensual. Para ilustrar os meus argumentos, trouxe os vestidos de formatura mais lindos que você vai encontrar nessa internet, na cor preta.

If you're passionate about black like me, you might be thinking about wearing black to your graduation. And I know a lot of people say that a black dress is basic. But in my opinion, a black dress is not basic at all. It's chic, it's classic, it's sensual. To illustrate my arguments, I brought the most beautiful prom dresses you will find on the internet, in black.

Esses vestidos possuem tecidos como seda e veludo que trazem um ar de sofisticação, modelagens diferentes e aplicações singelas. Eles são da, uma loja virtual especializada em roupas de festa que conta com mais 300 opções vestidos com mais de 70 opções de cores e com grande variedade de tamanhos (podendo ser feito também sob medida).

These dresses feature fabrics such as silk and velvet that bring an air of sophistication, different designs and simple applications. They are from, an online store specializing in party clothes that has over 300 options, dresses in more than 70 color options and a wide variety of sizes (and can also be made to measure).

O site sempre tem novidades, cupons de desconto e o melhor de tudo, eles entregam para o mundo. Não perca tempo e vá lá conhecer. Aproveita e me conta nos comentários, qual é o seu vestido preferido? O meu vestido favorito é o último.

The site always has news, discount coupons and best of all, they deliver it to the world. Don't waste time and go check it out. Take advantage and tell me in the comments, what is your favorite dress? My favorite dress is the last one.

Vestidos de formatura ousados da Ovlias / Bold prom dresses from Ovlias

Na minha formatura procurei por vestidos que fosse diferentes, fugissem o óbvio e que tivesse todo o glamour necessário para ocasião. Na época, foi bem difícil encontrar o modelo que queria, mas depois de procurar muito acabei encontrando. Hoje trago alguma sugestões de vestidos que tem todos os requisitos que escrevi no começo do texto.

At my graduation, I looked for dresses that were different, avoided the obvious and had all the glamor necessary for the occasion. At the time, it was very difficult to find the model I wanted, but after searching a lot I ended up finding it. Today I bring some suggestions for prom dresses that meet all the requirements I wrote at the beginning of the text.

Selecionei 5 vestidos da Ovlias que custam uma média de 119 a 180 doláres, possuem mais de 70 opções de cores (podendo ainda customizar a cor) e tamanhos que vão do US2 ao US26W (podendo fazer sob medida o tamanho). 

I selected 5 dresses from Ovlias that cost an average of 119 to 180 dollars, have more than 70 color options (you can even customize the color) and sizes ranging from US2 to US26W (you can custom size).

Caso ainda não conheça a Ovlias. É uma loja virtual que vende vestidos de festas (casamentos, formaturas, eventos) para o mundo todo.  

If you don't already know Ovlias. It is an online store that sells party dresses (weddings, graduations, events) all over the world.

Qual vestido que você gostou mais? Me conta nos comentários.

Which dress did you like best? Tell me in the comments.